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Don't forget to return your completed booklet back to school ASAP!  For every page filled out, our school will earn money to purchase books, technology, etc.  Thank you for your participation!

spelling bee

Our School Spelling Bee was held on January 18.  Congratulations to all participants and the winner, 
Eli Thomas!

3rd Grade Winner: Kate Burton
4th Grade Winner: Micah Ellett
5th Grade Winner: Cullen Wilson
6th Grade and School Winner: Eli Thomas

box tops
Parents and Teachers: Click below to see the new Box Top initiative that could earn our school more money!
Parents Teachers

Click HERE to take the 
Title I Parent Involvement Survey!

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Porkchop Productions came to visit. 
 View the video HERE!

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Chris Rumble came to visit!

See a short video HERE!

Principal's Message

What an honor to serve as principal of Wright Elementary School!  There is no doubt that I have a tremendous amount of Panda Pride.  I realize from many years as a student at the school myself, a teacher, a parent of children attending the school, and a member within the community that Wright School is a school committed to excellence.  Academic achievement, commitment to safety, and a sense of belonging and community are clearly high priorities.  Much honor is given to the accomplishments of Wright Elementary from the past and the present.  Tremendous strides will be made to contribute to even greater success in the future.  How exciting to be part of the wonderful learning community of Wright Elementary.  Working together as a team, much success has and will continue to be accomplished.  Thank you in advance for your partnered efforts in achieving this.


Laurie McCall,


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