Inclement Weather Notice


Dear Parents, Staff, and Students,

With the winter months approaching, it is time to plan for inclement weather. Each year, we tend to have at least some freezing rain and/or snow between January and March. In view of this, we need to address the operation of our schools during questionable weather conditions. When inclement weather does occur, school administrators must make decisions that are sometimes extremely difficult. These decisions are even more challenging considering school administrators have no particular expertise in the area of predicting weather.

Our district is excited at the prospect of being able to continue instruction even during inclement weather days by participating in eLearning Days! An eLearning Day is similar to a normal school day; however, students will be given lessons by their teacher to be completed at home during the inclement weather day. Students will have five school days upon returning to school to complete assignments. Teachers will keep a record of submitted assignments, and those who do not complete their eLearning Day lessons within the five day time frame will be marked absent. Students will be responsible for attending virtual/remote lessons from 8:30-12:00 and teachers will hold office hours from 1:00 to 3:00 to help students with their assignments.

Our tech department will be available by phone to answer tech-related questions as well. By participating in South Carolina’s pilot program this year, Anderson Two will be able to extend learning to the home and keep everyone safe in the case of inclement weather.

When our district is going to participate in an eLearning Day, it will be announced in several ways: through School Closings on local news, via our district-wide notification system, School Messenger phone calls, the district website, as well as through our social media pages. An announcement will be made at each school by 12:00 p.m. the day prior to the eLearning Day allowing time for the teachers to post work to be completed and for students to download class assignments in advance. This also allows families time to make childcare arrangements in ample time.

Anderson District Two uses School Messenger as a district-wide notification system. If your correct telephone information is on file at school, you should receive an automated telephone call from the district notifying you of current school closings or delays as well as if the inclement weather day will be considered an eLearning Day. However, there is room for error with any automated system. If you do not receive a phone call when weather conditions are questionable, please continue to monitor the radio, television stations, and the district website at for school delays or closing information.

If schools are to operate as usual, no announcement will be made. Many radio and television stations will announce only those districts that close or delay opening. These stations request that individuals not call the stations because these calls can tie up their phone lines and prevent school administrators from contacting them with any announcement.

There may be times when inclement weather approaches that we did not foresee, so there is the possibility of last-minute closures. In this case, school decisions are based on very structured procedures. The Superintendent and the Transportation Supervisor will check bus routes for hazardous driving conditions. In addition, Anderson Two will confer with the weather forecasting offices in both Anderson and Greenville. Administrators in the surrounding districts are also contacted. Since many buses begin their routes between 6:15-6:30 a.m., these procedures that are performed prior to making the decision normally take place from 4:00-6:00 a.m. If there are wide-spread power outages or in the case of a last-minute closure, it is likely that we will not have an eLearning Day but will use one of our “make up” days to make up the missed instructional day(s).

Sometimes snow, freezing rain, or sleet begins during the school day. When this happens, we rely on weather forecasters and the State Highway Department to help us decide about possible early dismissal. Due to the fact that many small children would be sent to locked or empty homes because parents are at work, we are very hesitant to dismiss early unless weather conditions mandate this step.

Thank you for your attention to this letter. Be assured that we will make every attempt to make reasonable decisions when the weather poses a potential hazard. You can learn much more, ask questions, and provide feedback about eLearning by visiting our eLearning website at (case sensitive).


Donald Andrews.
Interim Superintendent