Brag Tag Information


Possible Kindergarten Awards include:

Wright Elementary School Brag Tags…

Wright Elementary is pleased to introduce Brag Tags! Beginning this school year, special tags will be awarded to students each quarter and each year that students remain at WES. Students are so proud to showcase these tags on their book bags to symbolize the hard work and effort shown. Throughout the year, Brag Tags will be added as additional accomplishments and achievements are noted. We ask that Brag Tags remain on book bags at all times as they will continue to be added throughout your childs school years. Achievements will be recognized each nine weeks at our Quarterly Awards Ceremonies. For the End of the Year Awards Celebration, students will also receive a certificate spotlighting the year. We are so proud of our studentsthey are certainly worthy of bragging about!

Academic Progress Token is a Thinking Cap Given for showing progress as a learner in all subject areas.

Mathmaster Token is a Trophy Given for outstanding math achievement

Reading Master Token is ABC letters Given for outstanding reading achievement

Outstanding Report Card Token is a Smiley Face Given 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter for meeting Kindergarten standards in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Possible K ~ 6th Grade Awards include:

Magnificent Musician Token is a Music Note Given to 1 student per grade level for outstanding performance and progress in Music

Outstanding Library Citizen Token is a Bookworm from Library - Given to 1 student per grade level for outstanding performance and progress in Media/Library Skills

Computer Whiz Token is a Computer Lab Mouse Given for % of highest gains in Computer Lab performance in ELA and/or Math

Awesome Artist Token is an Art Palette Given to 1 student per grade level for outstanding performance and progress in Art

Team Player Token is a Tennis Shoe Given to 1 student per grade level for outstanding performance, progress, and sportsmanship in PE

Top ReaderAR Token is a Book Star Given to one student per grade level (1st 6th grades) for earning highest AR points

BUG Award Token is a B.U.G. for Bringing Up Grades in any subject area

Wright Quality Kid Award Token is a Paw Print Given to students that are named Monthly Wright Quality Kids for exemplifying character traits from our "Word of the Month" (e.g. Compassion, Cooperative, Effort)

Principals Honor Roll Award Token is a Medallion with Principals Honor Roll written on it Awarded for all As

School Honor Roll Token is a Pencil Awarded for all As and Bs

Effort Award Token is a Thumbs Up Awarded for showing hard work and effort for improvement

Perfect Attendance Token is a Star with Attendance on it Awarded for no days absent

Faithful Attendance Tokens are Positive Reinforcement symbols Awarded for no more than 2 days absent

We are so proud of our Wright School Pandas!