Panda Tracks Reading Program

Panda Tracks Reading Program
As we begin each school day, students are welcomed to come to the media center to read and take Accelerated Reader test(s) beginning at 7:30. Parents are more than welcomed to come assist those young students who are just beginning to read or who would like to see what their child is doing. The following are the procedures for the program:
Guidelines for Parents and Students
1. Students must report to the gym or eat breakfast prior to coming to the media center. The teacher on duty will issue each student a “Panda Track Pass”. This program begins at 7:30 each morning.
2. Once the student has the pass, s/he will bring it to the media center. While in the media center, the student is to read and take Accelerated Reader test(s). The student should take one test at a time to allow others the opportunity to take tests also. There are only seven student computers that we all must share. As soon as you have completed your one test, please return to a table to read another book.
3. Students may also exchange books while in the media center. The same rules apply for each grade level as they do during regular class checkout. Parents are allowed to checkout up to 6 books.
4. Parents are welcome to come with the younger students to assist them with the test(s). As the parents come with these students, the same rules apply as stated above. Please be considerate of the other students who may be waiting for a computer to open up.
Please do not hesitate to call the school if you have questions.