Bus Covered with Snow

As the inclement weather season approaches, we want to make sure our families are informed concerning possible school closures.  Anderson Two is an approved eLearning district, which affords us the opportunity to continue educating our students without having to use a weather make-up day.

 In order for our parents and students to be prepared and to accommodate child care issues, it will be our goal to communicate school closure by 5 pm - 6 pm the day prior.  This will be communicated via our district-wide notification systems, i.e., district phone calls, emails, social media, district website, and local news outlets.

 Thank you for your attention to this letter.  Be assured that we will make every attempt to make reasonable decisions when the weather poses a potential hazard.  You can learn much more about eLearning by visiting our eLearning website at bit.ly/A2eLearning.




Jason B. Johns

Anderson School District 2